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Some say Hart Crossed the Line in calling out rich friends to donate

Actor and Comedian, Kevin Hart

Houston, Texas —When disaster strikes human communities, people usually experience its impacts, both rich and poor alike, but the poor usually suffer just because they are poor.

In Texas, that’s what Hurricane Harvey did to many people. The massive destruction of properties and displacement of thousands of Texans drawn the attention of Americans, rich and poor. Some decided to help by their physical presence, others made donations.

Kevin Hart, an American actor, comedian and a man of all professions on TV and in radio, felt if one is blessed with wealth and opportunities, he or she needs to share that blessings with others in need, especially in times of emergencies and great human needs.

Hart therefore donated to the Hurricane Harvey’s relief efforts to help his fellow Americans and others faced with the impact of the flood.  He did not just stop there, he took on the task of calling out some of his rich and famous celebrity friends to spring into action and do something, but that did not go down well with other celebrities.

Hart also established a fund to benefit the American Red Cross response to the natural disaster in Texas and publicly called on several of his famous friends, including Beyoncé and “Jumanji” co-star Dwayne Johnson to contribute $25,000. As of Wednesday, the fund generated more than $1 million.

Johnson acknowledged Hart’s challenge to give money, but failed to call out others to do the same.

“Kevin Hart, you issued the Hurricane Harvey challenge. I appreciate you, brother. I just donated my $25,000 to the Red Cross, my companies are donating money,” he said, sending support to the people of Houston. “I’m not going to call out my celebrity friends. You guys already know what to do in terms of donating money,” said Johnson.

“I think we participated in a lot of challenges on the internet, some meaningful, some meaningless, but we’ve all done them,” Hart said in an Instagram video challenging his friends to donate and spread the word.

Master P, a New Orleans rapper disagreed with Hart’s strategy of calling out his celebrity friends on national television and in social media to make donations. According to Master P’s argument, people should give whatever they want or don’t want to; they don’t need to be called out or made shame to do so.

“I’m blessed that Kevin Hart donated, but I feel like he doesn’t have to do that because it’s not necessary,” he said in a TMZ video on Wednesday. “It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as you’re giving from your heart so I don’t think you have to do that with other people, just let them give from their heart,” added Master P.

The question is, is it necessary to call out wealthy and famous people to make donation for relief efforts? And, did Kevin Hart do the right thing by calling out his rich and famous friends to donate?

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Blama G. Konuwah

Blama G. Konuwah resides in Vancouver, Canada. He is a public issues analyst and senior contributor to Globe Afrique.
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