South Africa’s Inspiring Evangelist Matoti Brings the Holy Gospel to the U.S.

Evangelist Dumisani Matoti (right) and Mrs. Matoti (left) bringing the Gospel to the US

New York – Dumisani Matoti, the rising South African inspiring evangelist, is scheduled to extend his moving gospel messages to the United States in the coming weeks and months.

The leader of South Africa’s fast growing “Back To God Global Ministries” will lead several crusades and events throughout the US during his planned visit.

Founded in July 2015, the mission of the “Back To God Global Ministries” is to take the people of God back to the glory of God, according to the Ministries’ online portal.

Evangelist Matoti said, “Back To God Global Ministries is an extension of the heavens on earth to solve ordinary and extraordinary problems for the human race worldwide through the Word.”

“The ministry is a reality of the existence of the Lord Jesus Christ brought to the planet earth through the word and the spirit of God to take men and women back into dominion that God ordained before the fall of the first Adam. This commission has been established by the Lord himself to provide every solution to society,” he said.

The firing South African man of God believes that it is a great privilege to be entrusted with a great mandate, taking the people of God back to God and in the fullness of his Being, a life of heaven on earth.

“Back To God Global Ministries” founder, Apostle Dumisani Matoti

The first stop of Evangelist Dumisani Matoti would be New York City, to be followed by several other US cities.

Some religious commentators say the South African evangelist is the newest and fresher voice of hope and a new direction in Southern Africa’s religious revival.

Sources say hundreds of people in the United States, mainly African diaspora’s faithful are gearing up to participate in the upcoming pastoral celebrations and events.

Organizers of the celebration and events say the arrival and dates of the evangelist’s, best known as Apostle Dumisani Matoti, visit and planned events have not been concluded yet. Details to follow in coming weeks.


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Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens is a researcher, media issues analyst and senior contributor with Globe Afrique.
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