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Sudan’s Interim Prime Minister rubbishes intrusion in the selection of cabinet ministers

NAIROBI, Kenya – The newly elected Prime Minister of Sudan Abdalla Hamdok intensified his refusal of attempts to have the military or political groups influence the selection and appointments of cabinet officials for the country’s administration.  The Prime Minister made the disclosure on Sunday.

 In a prepared statement, the Prime Minister criticized what he labeled as “quota-based lists” presented to him by the Freedom and Change Alliance.

Prime Minister Hamdok expressed commitment to the established set standards in selecting the government ministers to lead the country to safety.

Mr. Hamdok said so far, only seven ministers have been nominated from the nominees for ministerial posts.  The Prime Minister has requested the Freedom and Change Alliance to present other alternatives within 24 hours.

On 27 August 2019, Mr. Hamdok received the lists of candidates for the transitional cabinet, according to sources within the Office of the Prime Minister.

The lists included 49 nominees for 14 ministries and 16 contenders for five specialized ministerial councils.

Sudanese political analysts say the time to form the government has already expired. Mr. Hamdok was set to form a cabinet on 28 August 2019.

According to the negotiated political agreement that ended the standoff in the country after the fall of ex-president Omar al Bashir, the Freedom and Change Alliance will nominate the cabinet, except for the ministers of defense and interior who will be selected by the military members in the Sovereign Council.

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Jacob Ujamaa Nyerere

Jacob Ujamaa Nyerere is a public affairs researcher and senior investigative correspondent.
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