Liberia Lobbies U.S. Senators to Qualify for MCC Funding Although the Country is an Eligible Candidate to Compete for the Grant

WASHINGTON, D.C., Deception and a total lack of understanding by the Liberian Delegation to Washington, D.C. show why the Government…

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In the News

West African Nations Imposing Bans, Assets Freez of Guinea Junta

ACCRA, Ghana (AP) — West African leaders have decided to impose travel bans and freeze financial assets of members of…

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Crime - Liberia

Moses Thomas a Former Liberian Military Leader Found Liable for Church Massacre

A former Liberian military commander who supervised the slaughter of hundreds of unarmed civilians at a church during that country’s…

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Why Diaspora Liberians Matter

Why Diaspora Liberians Matter Ansu Opa Dualu No, Liberians abroad are not internet citizens, nor are they insignificant when it…

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Military Coup Was Everything Of A Redemption Mali Wanted Until It Wasn’t

The political stalemate that baited the military into seizing state power in the Republic of Mali is no longer a…

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International Development

Mali Coup: Are military takeovers on the rise in Africa?

Christopher Giles & Peter Mwai – BBC News Military coups have been a regular occurrence in Africa in the decades…

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African medical experts insisting India should lift its COVID vaccine export limits

Africa’s top health official said Thursday he wants to believe that India will lift export restrictions on COVID-19 vaccines as…

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The European Union prepares to offer guidance on Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine

On Tuesday, experts at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the group that evaluates and supervises medicines for the benefit of…

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“Warning shots”: The Steady Rise of Political Violence in Ghana

By Michael Lieber Cobb & Erik Planitz On 20 July 2020, residents of Kasoa, on the outskirts of the capital…

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Trump Hits Liberia and Several African Countries with $15,000 Visa Rule

WASHINGTON – As the U.S. bids adieu to the Trump Administration, the outgoing President issued a new temporary rule that…

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