Sierra Leone


Caritas Freetown set to support development collaboration and partnerships in Sierra Leone’s economic revitalization and social advancement

NEW YORK, NY – Caritas Freetown and the Metropolitan Catholic Archdiocese of Freetown in the Republic of Sierra Leone led…

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In the News

Massive flood hits Freetown, Sierra Leone; about 6 dead and thousand more seriously affected and homeless

DAKAR, Senegal – On 2nd August 2019, Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown experienced disastrous flooding. The flooding brought havoc across the…

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Bats in Sierra Leone Carry Marburg Virus

For the first time, scientists have detected the Marburg virus in bats in West Africa. In 2018, they reported that…

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Reflections of a Mission-focused African Catholic Priest, Fr. Peter Konteh

THE QUESTION OF QUESTIONS “But who do you say that I am?” This question resonates in the heart of a…

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International Development

Security Concern Forces Peace Corps Volunteers to Leave Burkina Faso

West Africa) — West Africa is enormously vulnerable to Islamic extremism as militant groups based in northern Mali and Libya…

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Sierra Leone declares day of mourning, UN evaluates needs after deadly floods

President Ernest Bai Koroma New York––– As Sierra Leone mourns the dead of over 400 people and 600 missing in…

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AGONY, GRIEF STRUCK FREETOWN, Urgent Global Relief Needed

West Africa -The Government and people of Sierra Leone along with several local humanitarian organizations need support to mitigate the…

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Energy & Environment

Flooding sweeps through Sierra Leone’s capital, 312 dead

BREAKING NEWS West Africa–– Sustained flooding has hit Sierra Leone over the weekend to early Monday, killing hundreds of people…

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How the Lack of Sanitary Pads (Kotex) Makes Girls Abandon Schools in West Africa

Ms. Comfort Love, Founder/CEO of the Detroit, Michigan-based Comfort’s Love Women Project is committed to helping girls in West Africa…

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