Take a Journey to St Mary’s – Fatima Interim Care Center

Reverend Father Peter Konteh, Director of Caritas Freetown here in photo with the children of the St. Mary’s Children’s Home in Sierra Leone. 

By Rev. Father Peter Konteh

Sierra Leone is a country that was destroyed during the eleven year Civil War which ended in 2002. Life has been a struggle for its people ever since. After we had another catastrophe on our hands, EBOLA. Not only are people die but people are died and leaving behind children with no one to care for them.

Father Peter and a benefactor visit with the children.

St. Mary’s Children’s Home was an established Home founded in 1999 post Civil War to provide a home for orphans as a result of the war which killed many Sierra Leoneans but in 2011 the diocese of Freetown and Bo got divided and the hard decision was made as my humble self Fr. Peter Konteh, the founder of the home was transferred to Freetown, the home in Bo had to close down because I was not there anymore, the children by every means did not want to stay in Bo, they believed in me as their father, but I was not having the capacity to house them all in Freetown so I had to find foster parents who will take them in and help provide care for them as I continue to monitor and provide whatever little I have to demonstrate care and love.

In 2014 I acquired a portion of land in a western area rural community called River number 2 and started construction with the help of my mother Elizabeth Klett and few of her kind friends and well-wishers, today the construction has almost completed and we now want to bring in the children. Prior to the beginning of the construction Ebola stroke us, so Caritas Freetown where I serve an Executive Director with support from Healey International Relief Foundation established top small Interim Care Centers with an initial number of about 35 children each, we have been able to reunify many along the way and we will reunify more soonest before we set to transfer into the newly constructed building for the interim care Center at river number 2.

But to effect this movement into the newly constructed building, we are help us because this building does not have no furniture, no need, no kitchen utensils, no household materials, hence the need for this appeal letter.

We are appealing to you all for your kind assistance to help us make the new him habitable for our children, we are in need of kitchen utensils, food processing tools, beddings, furniture which includes chairs, tables and beds.

Donation can be made by reaching peterkonteh.caritasfreetown2014@gmail.com

Nothing is too small, for sharing is caring

Rev. Fr. Peter Konteh   Executive Director, Caritas Freetown

Phone:          +232 78 175238

Whats app No:+23299104826

Email: peterkonteh.caritas2014@gmail.com

Website: www.caritasfreetownsl.org

Address: St. Edward’s Compound, Kingtom, Freetown. Skype: peter.konteh

Editor’s Note:

Father Peter Konteh is a Catholic priest and director of Caritas Freetown as well as the Development Office of the Catholic Archdiocese of Freetown headed by his Grace Edward Tamba Charles, Metropolitan Archbishop of Freetown. Father Konteh operates and/or manages several development, relief and community  programs.  These programs help families, youth and children as well as the elderly.

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