Tanzania President Clamps Down on Corrupt and Renegade Officials

Africa is washed in excessive corruption, and the symptoms of that impoverish more and more Africans.  Even in time of disasters, some officials in African bureaucracy and political leadership still develop the audacity to steal or embezzle public funds intended for relief assistance in their respective countries.

For example, when the deadly Ebola struck in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, some officials in those countries were accused of pocketing funds donated to help mitigate the crisis and to help their fellow citizens.  Nothing became of these criminal acts despite the widespread public outcry.

In Tanzania, an East African nation that recently experienced a devastating earthquake on September 10, 2016, that ransacked the Kagera area, the situation is entirely different as the country’s President is leaving no stone unturned in his crackdown on rogue politicians and officials.

President John Magufuli sacked two senior officials within his government and suspended another for allegedly opening fake bank accounts intended to siphon money from relief funds.  According to reliable sources, the dubious bank accounts were to be used to channel donated funds for the benefits of the politicians. Those whose appointments was revoked by President John Magufuli are Kagera Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Amantius Msole and Bukoba Municipal Council Director Steven Makonda.

The two individuals are alleged to have opened a bank account bearing the same name as the bank account which was opened by the government to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake.

“The President revoked the appointment of Kagera Regional Administrative Secretary Amantius Msole and Municipal Council Executive Director Steven Makonda after he learned that the two opened a bank account which bears the same name as the one which was opened by the government,” reads the statement in part. It further reads:

“The three intended to use the account to collect money for their benefit while it was meant to help the victims of the quake.”

According to a release issued by Tanzania’s Director of Presidential Communications, Gerson Msigwa, the Prime Minister of the country has suspended the Municipal Council chief accountant Simbaufoo Swai for an alleged conspiracy to facilitate the corrupt and unethical behavior of the two now-disgraced top officials.

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