How the disaster capitalist and Sirleafs have ripped off Liberia

“Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is a NARCISSIST” by Henry Costa – interviewed with Larry Kennedy on Globe Afrique – November 2017.

NEW YORK – If there is anything that holds true of the years President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf managed the affairs of Liberia, it is the fact that her administration along with her family is ripping off the Liberian people “bigly” – to take a word from President Trump.

Toss into this corrupt concoction of massive theft and poor governance a pinch of disaster capitalists and shady lobbyists, and you end up with a country where thousands of people are dying from curable diseases. 

But poor people dying in an underdeveloped country is the perfect recipe for more aid, right? That’s the false premise that led to nearly 5,000 Liberians dying from Ebola while President Sirleaf was collecting another award in the West.

As Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf goes globetrotting this week for more awards under advice from the disaster capitalists, the ratio of Liberian women dying during childbirth remains one of the worst in the world. In Liberia – 1,072 women die each year during childbirth – a frightening statistic considering this is happening during the term of Africa’s first female president. In Botswana, for example, the rate stands at 151 per year and it is declining year-over-year.

Over the next several weeks – Globe Afrique Media and its five global news magazines will dissect the Ellen Years. We will present a complete analysis of how President Sirleaf and her cronies have fleeced Liberians of their tax dollars, laundered money through the U.S. Banking system, bankrupted the National Oil Company and initiated the massive flight of U.S. dollars from the Liberian economy – all under the guise and advise of KRL (Riva Levinson) – better known as the “disaster capitalist”!

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Larry Kennedy

Larry Kennedy is an avid blogger, along with being a finance and project management professional. He is also an Adjunct Professor teaching Management Information Systems and Finance.
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