Mayweather TKO McGregor In The Most Anticipated Bout

Las Vegas ––World’s undefeated heavy weight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather dealt a striking defeat to UFC star Conor McGregor on Saturday.

Although it was predicted by some boxing sports analysts that Mayweather could outshine McGregor, Mayweather’s 10th round TKO win over the UFC star McGregor has provoked unanticipated controversy among fans which has ended to one of the most awaited and glorified boxing matches in recent memory.

Conor McGregor, the Irish MMA star emerged wavering, but couldn’t keep his stride, with the competent and veteran boxer Mayweather taking over the fight in the middle rounds and sailing to a win.

In addition, the fight stopped before either fighter hit the canvas.

The walkout developed into a serious discussion as social media responded to the fight, and ex-Manchester United and Fiorentina player Giuseppe Rossi fumed about it.

Several other athletes including former USA international Eddie Johnson also paraded a clear interest in the fight, rejoicing in Mayweather’s win and going back and forth with fans on Twitter who assumed McGregor was cheated.

The Mayweather/McGregor bout on Saturday was a cash cow for the fighters, as Showtime, movie theaters, all showcased the events.

Financial analysts and commentators such as Yahoo Finance’s Myles Udland, Rick Newman, and Melody Hahm dug deeper into the money behind the big fight.

Mayweather hugs McGregor after their fight

To watch the fight at home, Households pay about $100 to watch boxer Floyd Mayweather and mixed martial artist Conor McGregor face off in what sports observers say was the ultimate ‘money fight’ this Saturday.

Several bars and restaurant chains offered special deals for the fight.

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. born Floyd Joy Sinclair on February 24, 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, into a celebrated boxing family, is an American undefeated boxing champion.

His father, Floyd Mayweather, Sr., was a former welterweight contender who fought Hall of Famer Sugar Ray Leonard. His uncles Roger and Jeff were professional boxers.

Mayweather was born with his mother’s last name, but his last name would change to Mayweather shortly thereafter. He attended Ottawa Hills High School before dropping out.

Sources familiar with the boxer say, boxing has been a part of Mayweather’s life since his childhood and he never seriously considered any other profession.

“I think my grandmother saw my potential first,” he said. “When I was young, I told her, ‘I think I should get a job.’ She said, ‘No, just keep boxing.'”

He said, “When I was about eight or nine, I lived in New Jersey with my mother and we were seven deeps in one bedroom and sometimes we didn’t have electricity. When people see what I have now, they have no idea of where I came from and how I didn’t have anything growing up.”

Mayweather resides in a 22,000-square-foot (2,000 m2), five-bedroom, seven-bath, custom-built mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada and He owns a boxing gym called the “Mayweather Boxing Club” located in the Chinatown Plaza in Las Vegas.

In 2011, Mayweather paid for the funeral of former super lightweight world champion and former opponent Genaro Hernandez, who died of cancer after a three-year battle.

On September 9, 2014, Mayweather announced that he would retire in 2015, doing so after defeating Andre Berto in a bout that was the last as part of his six-fight deal with the Showtime network.

He is often referred to as the best defensive boxer in boxing history, as well as the most accurate puncher since the existence of CompuBox, having had the highest plus–minus ratio in recorded boxing history

He competed from 1996 to 2017, held 15 world titles in five weighh classes and lineal championship in four different weight classes (twice at welterweight). He is retiring with an undefeated record.

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