The NEGATIVE Effects of Having Multiple Sex Partners

To be single means to be free to do whatever you want in your life at any time and in place. And that includes having sex as you may like and want. Some do it only with their steady partner while the others don’t really care if they do it with different people anytime they feel like doing so.

But before you develop a promiscuous behavior, there are things you need to know. These are the disadvantages of having multiple sexual partners. Keep in mind that your health will be the one that will suffer the most.

Whether men or women, it’s still best to engage in safe sex. This means using safety measures or contraceptive particularly on the part of the females. So, what are the main disadvantages that can harm you if you have sex with different people?

Firstly, your risk of acquiring infectious diseases will be high. When you do it with several men or women, you are only exposing yourself to these illnesses. You can never tell if your partner has the disease or not because when you’re hungry for intimacy and pleasure, you often don’t care at all. More so you won’t care if you’re drunk and you engage in sex without the right protective tool.

The psychological effect should also not be taken for granted. This can even lead to psychological disorders that may affect your behavior and cause serious problems later.

When this happens, your relationship with your family, friends and other people might become problematic.

Another thing is you can become addicted to sex if you find yourself enjoying and doing it with different partners on a frequent basis. Yes, you can have the most pleasure if you want but you need to take care of your health particularly if you’re a woman. It’s not good to be promiscuous.

What’s great about being single and sexy when you don’t take care of your body? You may be working out to keep your body fit, you have a great career and you do your best to dress well all the time but do think about your sexual behavior as well.

And the most important habit to carry on is to use the right contraception all the time. Even if you’re a woman, having a steady supply of protection in your bag should be a top priority. You never know when you’re going to do it so it’s always best to be prepared.

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