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The One Way Ticket Report 2020 – 001

By C.C. Barnard

This is C.C. Barnard, The One Way Ticket Lady. I finally got my own One Way Ticket to Monrovia, having inspired so many to come before me. It really takes more than a song to build a nation. It takes more than regrets, anger, opposition, chatroom success plans; it takes more than a good speech. It takes more than the $100 we pay for reunion dues in the diaspora. Much more….

 I had to come home and see for myself what is going on.

Yes, I had to resign my good job, turn my car in and take what little I could join the rest of the foot soldiers and die-hard, better still never dies, Liberians will be doing all they can to create the new day we all so desire and I sing about.

So since July, I have been doing my own grassroots research, yes, I rode the Penpens, the Kekes, and the Zubah Town Parking Taxis…. I took my chances…. so much fun.  And riding in the taxis to Monrovia, four in the back… those big butt women and hard boned men….

I am enjoying the fresh food too, the cucumbers, roasted cassavas, plantains, and the Papayas…. goodness!  Um Um. Umm. And the fresh coconuts too. Yea baby. And Plum season is still coming…Your come my people.

The simpler life, well water, and coal pots…..

Living abroad can be challenging for you all to receive good news. Because of this, many of you may have developed the negative impression that Liberia is a terrible place to live, which is very far from the truth. In fact, I have had hot and long discussions about how there is nothing good happening in Liberia.  Well, well, well. I have the facts about some good things that are happening here, the positive things happening and the people who are behind rising Liberia.

Soooo, I decided to send you all a report of what I see here, consisting of the good things that I see happening here. The revolution that is taking place.  The glass is half full.

Despite all the bad news that you hear in the Diaspora from time to time, Liberia is Rising Again.

Now, this report is not about the government or any political party of which I am nonaligned. This is about Liberia. And I know that there are bad things happening here like in every other country in the world. Listen to your evening news. But there are enough people out there who have dedicated their time to spread the bad news about Liberia.  So as the self-appointed bearer of good news from Liberia…. Here we go…

Black History in Liberia

One of the first things I did to show the beautiful side of Liberia, was to establish the Liberia Heritage Tours, LLC,

Thanks to the remnant of the first brave 86 Free African American Slaves for landing on the land now known as Liberia, on January 7, 1822.

This was the beginning of a long list of freed African American slaves and those who were born free, who made the choice to come to Africa and create the land of Liberty.  God bless their souls.

Liberia Heritage Tours, LLC, is presenting its first tour package as an opportunity for Diaspora Africans and African Americans in particular to visit the land of return by freed African American Slaves.

We want to give the world a chance to see the history created since 1822 and how the settlers tried to build a country where they were not limited in what they could become or how human they could be treated. The tour package will also show the exotic beaches, majestic mountains, pristine rivers, and lakes. We will present our tourists the opportunity to visit the traditional villages and experience Liberian culture to the fullest. Tourists will experience the Liberian nightlife, Sunday life, and ghetto life. Meeting the made in Liberia group of companies and listening to investment possibilities.

The tour package is for 7 days and six nights. Our guests will tour four of the most historic counties in Liberia, beginning with Montserrado County, the first colony. They will visit Providence Island, the first home of the settlers and many other core sites in that county. Grand Bassa County is a part of the tour package because of its part in the history of Liberia. The graves of Bob Gray, the Bassa Chief who loved the settlers and Thomas Buchanan, the most famous governor of Grand Bassa County. Margibi hosts world war two campsite, and Cape Mount is famous for the J J Roberts shipwreck.

So beginning February 2020, Liberia Heritage will open its door for business…. showing the most beautiful side of Liberia.

Come and See.

I am on Du Port Road Proper,

Montserrado County, Liberia

C.C. Barnard

One Way Ticket to Monrovia

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