Trump’s Newest Immigration Plan a Challenge to Africa’s education policy

Stephen Miller, White House Senior Policy Advisor 

U.S. immigration policy and admission procedures could change radically in the coming years if the White House’s new plan succeeds. White House Advisor Stephen Miller, who led a portion of Wednesday’s White House press briefing stated that the proposed plan was reasonable.

According to CNN, US President Donald J. Trump, Sr. is unveiling an immigration plan that would lower the number of immigrants let into the U.S. by making the standards more stringent and beneficial to the US economy.

The president’s proposal includes preferential admission for immigrants who have a skillsets that U.S. economy could benefit from, the ability to speak America’s most widespread language, English, advanced education, and the job skills necessary to earn enough money to afford health care.

Currently, there are millions of  of immigrants in the U.S. who benefit from free medical services, food stamps, Cash Assistance and Purchase of Care (child care assistance) and low cost housing assistance.

Letting in low-skilled immigrants “has not been fair to our people, to our citizens, to our workers,” Trump argued.

Trump’s new and proposed immigration plan is a wake-up call for countries around the world that want their citizens to have free and easy passage to the U.S. to focus on investment in science, technology, engineering and math in educating their students.

If President Trump’s immigration plan holds, the countries that stand far better chance of benefiting from the U.S. immigration intake, apart from European nations that are largely visa free with the US, will include India, China, Pakistan, Japan etc.

Trump’s plan is a serious warning to most African leaders whose lack of vision for a better and improve education opportunity for their young people has derailed innovation, competence and excellence.

Despite President Trump’s push, NBC Washington is reporting that the U.S. Senate is largely ignoring the president’s proposal. The GOP, especially, is showing little interest in reforming immigration policy this year, even though it has been a key issue for Trump voters during the election.


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Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens is a researcher, media issues analyst and senior contributor with Globe Afrique.
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