Unmasking Ellen’s game plan for Weah’s Presidency–part I

We are in trouble! This is factual and will leave you in utter dismay about Ellen and her tricks.

Ellen’s support to George Weah and Jewel Taylor is not due to favor or love for the ticket but she feels, with them, her long-term agenda will be efficiently implemented. Now talks are well advanced between Ellen, Alexander Cummings, Jr. and other players for a possible second round support to George Weah.

Cummings, based on his numbers, will be appointed as either Ambassador to the US or the UN and with the support of Ellen, Jeremiah Solunteh will ultimately contest for the vacant Senatorial post in Bong County. Similarly, her Son, Robert Sirleaf, will be supported by George Weah to contest the vacant Senatorial post in Montserrado county should Weah and Jewel win the Presidency.  Already, Ellen Sirleaf and Son Robert Sirleaf have provided a whopping 3 million to the CDC to begin energizing their base in preparation for the second round.

Impact of a Weah Presidency: Ellen knows the International Community (America, UK, etc.), has problem with the Weah-Jewel ticket. She is aware of America’s resentment against the Weah-Jewel ticket. The resolution America signed warning against Charles Taylor’s interference in the Liberian elections was in directly response to the Weah-Jewel ticket. She knows even if Weah wins, they will not work with him. Aid to Liberia will be cut completely; the global community will turn their back on Liberia because of the Taylor horrific experience.

ECOWAS and MRU are fatigued and troubled about the implication of a Weah Presidency in the Sub-region. Liberia in effect will be doomed for six years, that means the little gains under her leadership will be reversed.

Internally, the current economic condition is not favorable. Liberia suffers from low and slow economic growth due to many exogenous factors plus the too much reliant on the extractive industry. Ellen knows Weah does not have the experience and knowledge to navigate this country through such a complicated economic conundrum. Essentially, Liberians back home and abroad will be weary of a Weah presidency even before his six years term elapse.

Ellen long term plan: Ellen wants to make Amara Konneh President by all cost. Her first attempt to push Amara on her Vice President as his running mate did not hold water; many Party hierarchies rejected the idea because of the many adversaries Amara Konneh created in the Unity Party and amongst his Cabinet colleagues. She then turned to Brumskine to test the possibility of a Brumskine-Amara ticket but again, she was shunned. It all started with the purchase of pickups for Liberty party and then the provision of capital for the LP Convention in Lofa County. This effort did not materialize. The formation of the Coalition of Liberian Progress (CLP), a party established by Amara Konneh and James Kollie, was another test case. Due to the adverse public sentiment for Amara Konneh presidential quest, the exploratory team decided to only fuel Representative candidates.

Prior to Amara’s departure to Kenya for the World bank position, there were many stage managed programs held in his honor and at the final one on Ashmun Street, Ellen Sirleaf hinted on the possibility of Amara Presidency in the soonest future. After a year in Kenya, Amara visited Liberia to a rousing welcome by most of those who benefited from his largesse. That mission was intended to finally test how favorable the political atmosphere was for his participation but it did not proof right.

The hardship Liberia will go through for six years if Weah become President, will create the environment for the Election of Amara Konneh in 2023 through Ellen’s influence. Once Weah become president, in less than no time, people will start to praise her leadership because the hardship in Liberia will magnify. She will be a darling again and a very influential woman on the continent. That is what Ellen wants. She doesn’t want anyone surpassing her record in this country at least immediately after she will have left. The Ellen-Amara-Robert Sirleaf clique believe strongly that only a Weah presidency can afford them such latitude given his ineptitude and the resentment for his Presidency by the International Community and the entire Sub-region. Their support for Weah is ill-intentional and meant to render him entirely irrelevant.

Why Ellen is not supporting VP Boakai: I am not a member of the Unity Party and don’t wish to become one but may support anyone who wins my admiration based on their record to the nation or to a constituency. I have followed Ellen and her magical games. The truth is that she is vindictive but very circumspect in her dealings. She cajoles and brings her adversaries very close before she strikes them. Snowe, Fahnbulleh, Sawyer, Saytumah, Charles Clarke, Blamo Nelson, Alex Tyler, Varney Sherman etc., can all relate with different tales. She dealt with them at various levels.

Ellen’s non-support to her VP is not based on any perceived or real incompetent or lack of energy for the work. There is no denying that Boakai is the most suitably experienced and qualified person. In fact, if anyone is to be praised for ensuring stability and peace in the first branch of government particularly the Liberian senate, it should be Boakai. I have visited Liberia about 15 times now since 2006, and have closely followed all the players. I know them, their interest and how they are aligned with the people’s interest.

Ellen’s non-support for Boakai can be summarized as follows:

  • Boakai knows all the shady deals that some members of the Sirleaf family have been involved with, so they generally think that he will expose them badly;
  • He also knows who did what and who contributed to the downward spiral of some major revenue generating institutions;
  • Ellen strongly resents some members of Boakai’s current kitchen cabinet;
  • The Sirleaf family, particularly her son Robert Sirleaf, is afraid of prosecution and thinks that with the likes of Sherman and others, he will be made to account for his days at NOCAL and his involvement with many darkroom deals.
    Amara Konneh is one of the architects behind this latest move. He feels largely that Boakai-Nuquay ticket will pose serious challenge to his long term presidential ambition as Nuquay is equally young and very qualified and will be battle-ready to succeed Joseph Boakai if Boakai decides not to contest in 2023.
  • Liberians, lets open our eyes! I did not support Boakai for the first round as I thought Ellen was in his skin but with this prevailing reality, we need to reject Ellen’s plan. Her quest for Weah Presidency is evil and is intended to strangulate us for the next six years. Weah visit to Cummings and Prince Johnson is engineered by Ellen and her Son Robert Sirleaf. The Sirleaf are determined to strangulate this country. They can only succeed with a Weah Presidency. All this talk about change is premised on false logic. Both Weah and Jewel are Senators, they are major players of this government. What can Jewel change now that she didn’t change from 2006 when she became Senator? Do you think Jewel is ready to forgive Ellen for sending her husband to The Hague? Ellen is a woman so she knows that her friend will not forgive her. The likes of Alex Tyler, Toga McIntosh Gayewea, Cyril Allen, Wilson Tarpeh etc., have all felt Ellen’s punch. Ellen’s support to Weah-Jewel ticket is evil. She wants to put them there and undercut them so Liberians can suffer for the next 6 years.

The second round of election between Boakai and Weah is a deciding moment. Ellen wants us to bend backward to facilitate her devilish plan. Joseph Boakai is not the problem, he has never been the problem. The real problem is Ellen and her family. The onus is now on you to determine the future of this country. When you reject Weah, you are rejecting Ellen directly.

Part II will come out soon. Part of it will focus on how Ellen left LP in the cold. Watch out! My information is all factual!

Myers May Roberts

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