Why? A Poem by Chuchu (Alex) Jones

Poem by Chuchu (Alex) Jones

Today I ask a simple question, why.

Reflect on but one question, why.

Why do black people and nations in every part of the world are at the bottom of the social, academic, political, and economic food chain?

Have they not the same mind, heart, blood, and consciousness as every other race?

Do they not have any resources (spiritual, natural, and human) to conquer any part of God’s Green Earth and create their wealth, power, and authority?

Why do they always settle to be last, and why do they only achieve, on average, just enough to live and never enough to truly flourish?

Why do they always look to other races for jobs, education, security, direction, employment, medicine, and knowledge?

Can they not produce and provide these things for themselves? Develop their neighborhoods, communities, and republics; perhaps, even give ideas and solutions to other races?

From Brazil to Britain, Jerusalem to Johannesburg, the black man (as a race, people, and nation) is last in the world in almost all the sciences and fields of study.

Why are their communities and countries the least developed? Have they less creativity, innovation, and mental capacity? Why?

Why are black women behind white women in every advanced field of study, position in society, and intellectual endeavor, except sports and entertainment? Why?

Do black women not possess the same or higher intelligence than white women?

Why haven’t we asked these questions?

why haven’t we asked why,

again and again and again

until we know why?

The undisputed greatest intellectual of modern history, Voltaire, wrote in18th hundreds that a man’s intelligence can be judged not by his answers, but by the questions he asks.

So I ask why?

I ask this one question, why,

with the prayers and hope that some brilliant man or woman, more profound and more abundant in thoughts and reflection than I

and hopefully of my race,

will answer me someday soon

Please tell me why

Until then, I will keep asking why


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