Why Liberia’s Economy Has Gone to the Dogs: A Spotlight on the Misrule of Amara M. Konneh

Ellen Confers Grade of Grande Band Honor on Amara Konneh for economic mismanagement

By Alfred P.B. Kiadii

 Paranoia is the epithet that best describes the disturbing blend of cacophony and anthology of gibberish disgorged by an undesirable element in James F. Kollie, who camouflaged himself under the nom de plume “Book Enthusiast.” He uses emotions rather than mental acumen to understand the leit motif of our campaign against the political clique which went amok in looting the national treasury. Stumbling over such inanity leaves me to wonder whether this pantaloon whose claim to fame is associated with academic notoriety knows the repercussion of discrediting the apogee of excellence in Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr, in a haphazardly scripted write-out with little substance. However, I realized that for a man who faked someone’s dissertation, spewing out vulgarism against a virtuous character becomes an obstinacy.

Liberia’s Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, the House of loot where poor young men came from rags to riches overnight.

His desperation to gatecrash onto center stage engendered in him a psychosis that leads to slanted thought, distorted reality and, in this case, dawn on him a megalomania that creates a fervor of self-importance. However, such absurdity must be appropriately dealt with to liberate the conscience of this pathetic scoundrel who gasps for the oxygen of publicity. It is this surgery which will create in this fool the consciousness that will liberate him from the pool of irrationality to the height of progressive contemplation.

Again, it is rife that such toxic decay of the self will lead to the tendency of engaging in the profligate oozing of verbiage on the personas of noble men becomes the cheap weapon in the arsenal of a dementia-ridden scumbag whose grasps of the issue is lopsided, and offers a sponge-headed argument for a reality that is undebatable. Of course, when one is exceedingly neurotic his/her understanding of variables becomes their misunderstanding of them, thus throwing an adolescent tantrum in a vainglorious facade of a discourse.

Under this circumstance, a panacea must be prescribed for such terminal illness, or the dullard self-destructs in the orgy of ignorance. It is from this perspective I come to debunk the mumbo-jumbo purveyed by the wiseacre who is a perversion of leadership.  This reprobate who trades insults like a deranged person feeding on the stockpile of garbage needs to be consigned to the ash heap as he is a political vacuum who lacks the scintilla of intelligence to engage in a serious discourse.

Indeed, it is not stunning that our advocacy is reaching some receptive ears and others are coming to carry the struggle to its logical conclusion. Against this stark reality, a nervous white-collar buccaneer has decided to launch a scathing attack on a decent person, in the hope that such pitiful red herring will dilute the credibility of our campaign and call into question the sincerity of our stance.

Liberia: Finance Ministry’s PSDI Loan Scheme – U.S.$965.4K missing under James Kollie’s watch and now he wants to be chief of the Liberia Revenue Authority.

James F. Kollie must brace himself for the criminal prosecution which awaits him for the intolerable fiscal indiscipline and unbridled perfidy hatched under the reign of his rogue boss in Amara M. Konneh. The duo did not only run our economy to the ground and paid themselves with bumper salaries and whooping allowances, but also entrench patronage at the apex of their rule. As if this was not enough, the two men have an insatiable lust for young boys, to co-opt them into a retrograde social lifestyle. It was the new normal and criterion to get promotion and obtain scholarship when the two social deviants presided over the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.  This led to deserving individuals shying away simply because they refused to cow into such social bestiality. Such practice led to unsophisticated minions being sent to Ivy League universities, while deserving individuals wail in the wilderness.

While the nation was shelled by the Ebola Virus Disease, the yokel James F. Kollie used the PFDI funds intended to subsidize Liberian entrepreneurs which were meant to stimulate growth and ensure that our economy makes a quantum leap from the stasis of life support to the height of productivity. He dished out said funds to close cronies and loyal friends, including his girlfriend in Rommell Watson who went to study at the prestigious Georgetown University, at the expense of taxpayers’ money. Struggling entrepreneurs who should have benefited from such funds got despoiled of this opportunity due to the mismanagement of the funds by the economic clique. While we thought that the president would have flexed her political will to get to the root of this matter, our assumption was a pipe dream, as James F. Kollie and the gang of thieves still masquerade the corridors of power scot-free.

On the part of his boss Amara Mohammed Konneh, when the Warner Committee which was commissioned by President Sirleaf to investigate a carbon concession agreement between the Carbon Harvesting Corporation (CHC) and the Forestry Development Authority, the Committee, among other things, recommended the summary dismissal and prosecution of Amara M. Konneh to President Sirleaf, for his involvement in the shady deal. To the dismay of us, President Sirleaf responded to the report by elevating this economic parasite to the portfolio of Minister of Finance and Development Planning. Yet we are surprised how corruption strived from public enemy number one to a vampire that sucked the country to the root.

When Amara took over as Minister of Finance and Development Planning, funds given by the EU to fight against maternal mortality was diverted to his personal bank account, while our women die on a regular basis. It is then safe to conclude that this character is not only corrupt, but he is also a mass murderer. The backlash of his action in terms of human casualty is so huge which makes one to draws such conclusion. This is how he undermined the healthcare delivery sector of our country.

Did Finance Minister Boima Kamara, left, close his eyes to the loot of the old gang at the ministry before he took office?

On the economic front, I dare say nobody who is concerned about ensuring that our economy gets on the right trajectory will give foreign Investors tax holiday, while tax break was given to firms they (Amara Konneh and James Kollie) owned shares in the forestry and mining sectors, etc. While funds from the sale of seismic data in the hydrocarbon sector were not used to create and sustain economic growth in, it was diverted to the bank accounts of Robert A. Sirleaf, Amara Konneh, and their coterie of cliquish elites.

Yet the voodoo economist in James F. Kollie, “Ph.D.” and the incompetent typist in Amara Konneh “Harvard Grad” boasted about creating a middle class. Nowhere in the existence of the world has a country created a middle class without properly investing in the demand and supply sides of the economy. On the supply side, we thought capital would have been mobilized to subsidize infant industries, open the service side of the economy, ensure that interest rate on loan is lowered, etc. Meanwhile, on the demand side, we thought profound efforts would have been garnered to make a deliberate investment in education especially STEM, healthcare, social infrastructure, provision of safety, etc. With these anomalies, those two numskulls boasted of creating a middle class.

Inefficiency and patronage politics are the real reasons why our economy is in depression.

Amara Mohammed Konneh, the computer tech associate from Philadelphia cum financial and economic guru of Liberia, promoted his close relations to positions which they had zero competent for. For instance, his brother-in-law in Sekou Sanoe was made comptroller general, while his sister Zenebu K. Dukuly was elevated to deputy director at the Department of Budget, another one of his kinsmen headed the docile Department of Communication at the ministry. Countless other tribal relations and close cronies were elevated to positions they did not merit. In all these, bumper salaries and huge allowances were given to them as a way of maintaining loyalty and doing his bidding.

The new chopping ground that everybody wants, including those who already damaged the country’s economy.

Impunity must come to an end in Liberia, and it must begin with the electorate denying individuals who looted this state from occupying an elective public office. It is high time that our people summon the courage to reject this poisoned chalice in Amara M. Konneh from coming anywhere near winning an election in this country. Except the people have a penchant for electing individuals who distributed poverty and misery to them, the element Amara M. Konneh should come nowhere close to political leadership. It will send a message that gone are the day’s thieves are given the mantle of authority. Rather than him being elected, the likes of him and many others whose conducts are inimical to the forward march of this country need to be placed in a maximum prison.

In the ensuing by-election in Montserrado, the chap Amara M. Konneh must be rejected by the people for the sake of thousands of mothers who died in childbirth because hospitals are not equipped to do safe delivery. For the child whose mothers gave the ghost because conditions at some clinics and hospitals are appalling, reject Amara M. Konneh. For the citizens who were denied scholarship because they refused to give in to backward social attitude, he should be denied. For the attendant suffering occasioned by political patronage, say no to the character Amara M. Konneh. To send a signal to the world that impunity is a thing of the past, don’t reward a person like Amara who amassed wealth because of the spoiled system.

About the Author:

Alfred P.B. Kiadii is a student of the University of Liberia studying Political science with an emphasis in public Administration. He is the Director of Press and Propaganda of the Liberia National Students Union. Contact him at bokaidii@gmail.com. Alternatively, he can be reached at +231888995870/775349651.

Editor’s Note:

The view expressed herein in no way reflect that of Globe Afrique Media or its management, but that of the author.

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