Why the Masses boycotted the so-called Pro-Poor Day of the CDC

Photo: Officials celebrate CDC’s pro poor day

By Alfred P. B. Kiadii

Comrades and Friends:

When the wretched Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) got elected through the masquerade of an electoral process, delinquents, sewage rats and trashy zombies of the CDC often repeated the vulgar refrain that their rotten party will steer the affairs of the homeland for the next 60 years. This was the way they thought to emasculate men who were disillusioned in the outcome of the fraudulent polls but still hold the view that the struggle for the social transformation of the homeland must be ceaselessly mounted.

However, progressive intellectuals, enlightened nationalists and readers of the dialectical trend of society countered in the homeland countered such absurdity with polemical as well as persuasive write outs, outlining the social forces and the conditions that will necessitate the people en masse to turn against the Weah government. As usual, our critique of their banal assumption was countered with a torrent of diatribes and the problematic of incoherent ranting.

Comrades and Friends, yesterday, the masses of the people proved our assumption right and sharply debunked the scandalous joke that the CDC owns them and are thus disposed to support the regime irrespective of the wholesale plunder, with its adjuncts of worsening living standards, hyperinflation, the peddling of influence, the scramble for exotic mansions and the running of critical instruments of the bureaucracy of the state by playboys and playgirls.

The much heralded pro-poor day which made rounds on social media, accompanied by the effusive glorification of President George M. Weah by the usual suspects: carpetbaggers, heartless opportunists and intellectual prostitutes of the decadent regime was a huge failure. They floated the ideas about locking down Monrovia, but the reality of yesterday forced them to eat their words and pretend as if nothing catastrophic happened. All of the lousy clowns refused to talk about the day which was a spectacular failure and a confirmation that the CDC is losing support in its traditional bases of West Point, New Kru Town, Buzzi Quarters, etc. etc.

So soon the honeymoon between the CDC and the people is experiencing a sudden crack. In the last six months, the relationship between the CDC and its social bases is at an all-time low. The people, although not very enlightened, have the natural intelligence to read the scheme and see through the CDC-led government. Of course, the people have always being consistent throughout history. They may support even a backward individual, but when their social existence is threatened the once passive people will not sit idly and perish in lethargy.

The courageous people of Liberia, in a show of indomitable courage, refused to endorse by their presence what they regard as a classic betrayal of their loyalty by the decrepit Weah government and thus boycotted the so-called pro-poor day celebration hosted by the CDC-led government thanks to all popular forces on the home front and in the diaspora who are continuously unmasking the charades of the Weah government. And if the snubbing of the regime and the booing of the presidential motorcade by the disillusioned marketers of the populous Redlight Market are anything to write home about, all this writer can say is that the scientific truism that the people learn through their interaction with reality has been proven true. The people are evaluating the rationale for the so-called election of the CDC. What they are finding out is that corruption is widespread and their hope for a progressive transformation has been stultified by the outrageous appetite for wealth by the high priest of corruption in President George M. Weah and his band of swindlers. In the period of extreme hardship, the mass of people see those nouveaux riches donning gaudy costumes and riding the latest sport utility vehicles (SUVs). At the same time, they have been told that while they are perishing in poverty, the Weah government is spending a whopping US$ 310 million on itself.  Against this background, the people are concluding that the new regime is an orgy of plunder. Thus, they are repetitively asking this question: is this a pro-poor or stay poor regime?

For their part, the courageous and progressive militants of the revolutionary and zealous Student Unification Party (SUP) took to the streets and marched from the Redlight Market to the Du port Road junction in total rejection of the implacable suffering of the people. The Student Unification Party has a cherished history of standing up to tyranny and plunder in the homeland. It is preparing for a major showdown with the Weah government.

During the height of the seventies, the UL revelation operated by stalwarts of SUP along with the Cuttington Echo provided the ideological propaganda for the mass mobilization of the people against the oligarchy of the True Whig Party. It was the singular heroism and courage of the students in the vanguard that prepared the stage for the emergence of the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA) and the Progressive Alliance of Liberia (PAL) on the historical stage of the homeland.

In history no social group is forced out of power by the popular resentment of the people without a spiteful struggle. So the students paid a heavy price during the Rice demonstration on April 14, 1979 when some were massacred and others got injured. Like 1979, in 1984, the military regime turned on the students and unleashed the Armed Forces of Liberia on them at the Capitol Hill campus of the University. The only crime of the resilient students, led by SUP, was to have protested the arbitrary arrest and subsequent imprisonment of the head of the Liberia College in Dr. Amos C Sawyer by the military junta on spurious charges.

In history, as in life, time changes but the students never change. It is in this context that the protest of the students must be understood. As we see are witnessing the excellent resolve of the enlightened students, we see in them, Wiwi Debbah, Momolu Lavala, Marcus Gbobeh Wuo Tapia, Tonie Richardson rolling in one.

On the other hand, the revolutionary current in the homeland is hitting record heights. A new organization in the Economic Freedom Fighter of Liberia (EFFL) with outstanding support among the lumpen youth, segment of the student’s community and the disillusioned masses of the people is making the news in Monrovia. Yesterday, while the so-called pro-poor day was a colossal failure, the EFFL confirmed its shrewd mobilization skills by displaying a huge crowd at the program marking the hoisting of its flag.

The Center for Policy Action and Research (CePAR) is the newest sensation to hit the political landscape of the homeland, a think tank which is known for its analytical critique of the budget and other policy instruments of the government with rich write outs and often detailed analyses. One can say anything about this local think tank, but even its fierce critics cannot debunk the fact that the organization has seasoned young professionals who have far better understanding of governance than the current band of swindlers and scoundrels feasting on the carcass of the national treasury.

In the media, the Parrot and the Front Page Newspapers are very outstanding and determined in terms of disseminating undiluted information to the Liberian people. The two newspapers have become mouthpieces for the democratic alternatives. These two newspapers refused to join the cast but are serving the disillusioned masses who are in search of direction. It is the publications of these two outlets that are exposing the government and President George Weah for the fraud he is.

While SUP, EFFL and CePAR are in the vanguard of the struggle against this pathetic mockery in the homeland, the Movement for Social Democratic Alternative (MOSODA) is dealing with the madness within the context of Marxist-Leninist analysis of the state and the attendant question of the development of underdevelopment in the homeland, offering a brand of ideological shade.

For the Movement for Social Democratic Alternative (MOSODA), the task to transform the homeland has to take a socialist trend. First, the claw of capitalism with its adjuncts of the neoliberal façade along with the unproductive national bourgeoisie ought to be expropriated and replaced with a socialist experiment. It is only then that the structural imbalances in the homeland can be addressed so the people can move into history with advances in science, technology and culture.

Whether the debased ruling clique accepts it or not, the republic is in revolutionary ferment. The objective conditions in the homeland is tilting in the direction of the rising current of revolutionary consciousness among the people. And this is being facilitated by the callous insensitivity of the regime. The popping up of different tendencies and the increasing wave of disillusionment in the masses of the people is setting the stage for the collaboration of all popular forces to develop a united front against the regime.

“Gweh Feh Kpei—the Struggle Continues!

About the Author:

Kiadii studies Political Science with emphasis in Public Administration at the University of Liberia. He is the Secretary General of the Movement for Social Democratic Alternative (MOSODA). You can reach him through Cell#: +233552176627, or bokiadii@gmail.com.

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