Williams Backs UHRI’s Position; Wants Foreign Aid to Corrupt Nations Halted

NEW YORK—-A well-regarded Liberian born, and US-trained public policy, workforce development, and labor market information professional, Jones Nhinson Williams, says he supports and is ready to work with the Universal Human Rights International’s (UHRI) latest effort to ensure that corrupt nations, especially those in Africa, stop receiving foreign assistance from taxpayers in Western and developed nations.

Jones Nhinson Williams

Williams said, “Western nations are indirectly responsible for the many problems in Africa, including armed conflicts, widespread corruption, and election rigging.” According to Williams, there are doubled standards on the part of the international community.  He cited how powerful nations like the United States and the United Kingdom condemn dictators like Robert Mugabe but at the same time roll out red carpets for systematically corrupt African leaders who take public funds as their personal assets and properties.

Williams cited U.S. and European nations treatment of the president of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Cameroonian president Paul Biya and a host of others who subjugate their people to poverty and hardship with no end in sight to their dictatorial rule.

President Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea addresses the United Nations in New York

In the case of Liberia, Williams said he has long requested the US Congress, the British Parliament, and others to desist from fueling corruption, theft of public funds and misrule in Liberia.  He added, “The misrule and extreme poverty in Liberia coupled with the current transitional political stalemate should be blamed on how the United States handled and lavished praise on Liberia’s recent leadership when there has been nothing to praise.”

Williams said there is nowhere in the world where lawmakers earn more than $17, 000 United States dollars in monthly salaries and other accessories, including free transportation, gasoline, a driver and more.  Despite these wasteful incomes and benefits, he said, yet the lawmaking bodies in most African countries are not in the interest of the ordinary people.  He said the lawmakers in Liberia earn more than lawmakers in every single state in the U.S. federation and the Liberian president’s income is far more than that of the U.S. president, British prime minister, German chancellor and the French president combined.  Yet, Liberia expects foreign aid from these countries.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, photographed in Washington, D.C., on February 26.

Williams said he blamed President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the ‘crazy’ and unbelievable salaries earned in Liberia.  Adding, “At no time in Liberia’s history that lawmakers and officials made such crazy salaries until Madam Sirleaf took office in 2006.  During the President Doe regime, lawmakers and cabinet ministers made not more than $3,000 dollars.  This amount is sufficient for a country with a low cost of living.  Same under Charles Taylor,” he said.

But when President Sirleaf began to lavish ‘fat’ paid checks on her cronies and family members as well as her “godchildren,” the lawmaker saw a reason to request for unwarranted wages and benefits.  Williams said it is absurd and unfair to American taxpayers, many of whom work two to three jobs as well as perform unacceptable tasks in nursing homes, warehouses and fast food catering areas like McDonald’s to spoon feed unproductive, unpatriotic and evil thinking elected and appointed officials in Africa.

Williams promises to personally lobby with House Speaker Paul Ryan and the Trump’s White House to ensure the U.S. government halts all foreign aid, including denying visas to most African officials unless the salaries and benefits of elected and appointed officials in those African nations concerned are reduced.  He said, “No dime of U.S. aid should be given to them.”

He also  praised institutions that are identifying the assets and properties of corrupt elected and appointed African officials in the West for seizure.

Williams who has long been pushing for reduced government size, robust private sector, and investment in job creation, science, technology, engineering, and math as well as in agricultural-food production, manufacturing, tourism, and innovation in Africa, says African nations will be properly managed when the right and qualified individuals are well placed. In such instance, he said, international aid would have no use to the continent.  Instead, Africa will be an equal trading partner to the West and developed nations on equal terms.  That, he said, will be good for the global financial and labor market.  Adding, unless Western nations address this need, no border fence or security inspection will prevent the flow of illegal migration from Africa into Europe and other developed nations.

He said today there are over 100,000 Africans in the United States alone who are out of status.  According to him, “It is not that these Africans do not love their respective countries; the fact is, western nations play a part in their misery by continually spoonfeeding corrupt regimes on the continent.

This, he argued that “this causes young Africans searching for opportunities in life to migrate and those in the West to refuse to return home because of the lack of jobs and basic services, factors which are largely created by widespread, systemic and organized corruption.”  The best immigration policies President Trump can put in place, according to Williams, “is to deal with corrupt African leaders and their officials.”

Below is a Position statement from the Universal Human Rights International

Quincy, Massachusetts-November 2, 2017 on the campus of Eastern Nazarene College,

The Universal Human Rights International (UHRI) has launched a worldwide campaign urging taxpayers in industrialized countries to immediately terminate foreign aid to Liberia and all poor countries with rigged systems of governance designed by crooked politicians.

Such system not only to keep citizens poor and illiterate but creates incentives of excessive salaries and benefits that fuel savage and barbaric mutilation and murder of hundreds of innocent Liberian citizens every election cycle.

UHRI’s worldwide “99 Days Campaign” will last for 99 days. The goal is to raise awareness of Liberia’s corrupt and undemocratic government within schools, colleges and universities, places of worship in every donor country worldwide and thereby encourage taxpayers in developed countries to demand terminating foreign aid to poor countries with corrupt and undemocratic systems of governance.

Excessive salaries and benefits of top government officials compared to the salaries and benefits of donor countries will be the measure of poor countries deserving foreign aid.

Krua outlined how America nurtures and contributes to endemic corruption in Liberia and worldwide and how American taxpayers pay to sustain corruption in Liberia, directly aiding and abetting criminals who brutally mutilated and murder hundreds of Liberians and sacrificed their blood and organs to the Devil for political powers every election cycle.

“The foreign aid policies of international donors, including the European Union and the United States of America have crippled poor countries, fueled the world refugee and migrant crisis and sustains political violence and instability.”

Krua said by the standardless financial sponsorship of corrupt governments of poor countries like Liberia that awards excessive salaries and benefits to top officials and rigs its system of governance to exclude its own citizens in decision making.

Participation in government through exorbitant fees, red tapes and unfair requirements for running for office, the United States of American and the European Union are the lifeline for despotism, endemic corruption and ritualistic killings in poor African countries like Liberia.

Neither the government of the United States of America nor the European Union will voluntarily terminate foreign aid to corrupt countries unless the taxpayers of these countries are aware of the atrocities their tax dollars are paying for and demand an end to the shedding of innocent blood in poor countries.” Krua said to the students.

“The image of America as sponsor and sustainer of corruption in Liberia is also manifested in other areas including the hundreds of thousands of dollars collected by the USA Embassy for visa fees only to deny ordinary Liberians visa but opening the golden gates of America to corrupt officials and their family members.

Poor Liberians are losing money, but Liberia never denies visas to Americans. At the same time, America opens its door to millions of its former enemies and others with no ties to America through the visa waiver program but denying Liberians to visit America that was built by the blood and sweat of some of Liberia’s ancestors.

Ten Presidents of Liberia were African Americana born and educated in the USA. America is paying Liberia evil for good and the cozy relationship America has and the funds it provides to sustains corruption in Liberia is unjustifiable.

The abandonment of many Liberian women and children evacuated by the US Military to America in 2003 for decades under both Republicans and Democrats. And America serving as a haven for corrupt Liberian officials of government to hide with impunity.

Krua’s message resonating with voters as Congress undertakes a major tax overhaul that will doubtless result in the cutting of services.

The head of the Boston-based rights group took his message to the airwaves on radio WTCC FM 90.7 on Friday, November 3, 2017, with radio talk show host, Retired Massachusetts Representative Swan who has visited five counties in Liberia during three visits in the past ten years.

Swan described the cozy relationship between the United States government and corrupt governments of African countries as “bribery of poor countries” designed to enable America to have its way in these countries.

“The best resource of any country in the minds of its citizens. Like many African countries, Liberian politicians have for 170 years oppressed Liberian citizens while begging for foreign aid indefinitely. With over a century of foreign aid, only 47% of Liberians are literate and 54% of Liberians live in poverty (US$2 a day) and 18% in extreme poverty, according to World Bank data.

The excessive salaries and benefits of lawmakers in this poverty-stricken country are higher than salaries of state lawmakers in all 50 states across America. As a result, there’s always money for politicians’ salaries but inadequate funds for healthcare, education, and infrastructure.”

In contrast, Californians, with an annual FY-16 budget of US$270 billion are the highest paid American state legislators, earning US$104,118.00.00 yearly. Compare California to Liberia with an FY-2017 budget of US$550 million, where the offices of the Liberian Speaker of the House and Senate Pro Tempore are allocated US$1.2 million each yearly.

Top government officials, Legislature, and heads of public corporations earn between US$12,000-15,000 a month, while the monthly wage of an average civil servant is around US$125 a month. According to the Observer in Kampala, the global picture speaks volumes: Germany pays its legislators a basic salary of $9,958 per month, Spain ($3,658), Sweden ($8,275), Norway ($11,500), France ($7,158), Brazil ($13,133), USA ($14,500), Britain ($8,783), Rwandan ($1,271) and Kenya $13,740 monthly.

These unjustifiable and outrageous salaries and benefits of Liberian politicians send a loud and clear message; the government of Liberia does not deserve foreign aid, especially when these incentives are killing babes!

Krua blamed the Liberian National Legislature headed by front runners, Weah’s CDC and Boakai’s UP Camps for creating “conflict of interest” in order to perpetuate and sustain endemic corruption in Liberia. “Termination of foreign aid will speed up the demise of “conflict of interest” in Liberia. Krua gave three reasons why legislative “conflict of interest” must be abolished at all costs, beginning with the termination of foreign aid to Liberia.

Liberian lawmakers (past and present) under President Sirleaf’s reign; fat paid checks, no results

First, it allows Liberian politicians to convert an unlimited amount of public funds for their personal use, thus leaving inadequate funds for basic services such as healthcare and education. Second, legislative “conflict of interest” poisons the national well to the extent that everyone who loathes lawmakers also feels compelled they must “eat their own too”, thus nurturing the culture of corruption in society. Third and finally, because legislative “conflict of interest” converts politicians into overnight millionaires, people literally kill innocent citizens for human sacrifice in hopes of evoking supernatural satanic powers to help them win elections. With such a barbaric system firmly in place, Liberia will remain backward forever without sustainable development and the safety and happiness of citizens will remain in great perils.” Krua said.

Liberian cabinet officials (past and present) under President Sirleaf’s reign; fat paid checks, no results

UHRI has created a website, for the “99 Days Worldwide Campaign” and Citizens Independence Movement (CIM),  to encourage human beings everywhere to do all they can to bring the deadly, broken and corrupt system of representative democracy in Liberia to an end by refusing to accept the same old broken and deadly system and demand a sovereign national conference.

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